test plug embed – json

test json addon:

DEBUG: Cache is NOT active
No URL defined: Check the shortcode – one typical error: is there a blank after url= ? DEBUG: wp_remote_get to https://api1.testplug.events/api1/embed/embed1?token=cbaabaee-fb65-4f3c-b2e4-435b81ae6186
DEBUG: arguments: Array ( [timeout] => 5 )
DEBUG: error getting URL:cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: api1.testplug.events
DEBUG: no data received: check url of json-feed
API-Server does not answer:
cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: api1.testplug.events
Please check the API URL in the block!

Next 30 days in Json

const opts = {mode:’cors’,headers:{allow:’application/json’}}
const eventRoot = document.getElementById(‘events’);
fetch(‘https://api1.plug.events/api1/embed/embed1?token=cbaabaee-fb65-4f3c-b2e4-435b81ae6186’, opts)
    .then((r) => r.json().then((data) => {
  data.events.forEach((e) => {
    const eventEl = document.createElement(‘div’);
    eventEl.append(e.name + ‘ will be held on ‘ + e.timeDisplay);
  }); }));