FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Lizard at Latour-Marliac, Le Temple sur LotWill you do Other Types of Holiday?

We have a long list of ideas and suggestions. If there is something specific that you would like to do please let us know and we can source it for you. As we develop the business we will add some more choices but we wanted to start with a small selection of things close to our hearts.

When you come it is always possible to arrange ad hoc wine tours, bird and flower watching rambles, horse riding, canoing etc.

Can I Book a Date Now?

Please email us if you have a specific immediate need, the date of opening is dependent on various French artisans completing their bit and us finishing the decor and fitting out. As far as next year goes we will have the calendar up by the 1st September, if not before. You can use this to select your holiday dates which we will confirm. If you are coming on a specific cooking holiday these will run on planned weeks and week-ends, we will publish the 2020 dates in September 2019.

Can I Bring my Camper Van or Tent or Horse?

Yes, we have a couple of spots that you can park yourselves in – in the nursery orchard, by the stream and, we have a field for your horse, or your tent. Just send us an email and we can discuss the logistics.

We will have a pool one day! Margie swimming in our friend's pool

I Want to See More of the House

We are currently painting and fitting out so until we have completed this we can’t show the house as it will be. Once the recent pictures have been uploaded with the old blogs (see below) there will be images of the building work.

I couldn’t get through – are Communication Lines Bad?

Yes sometimes.

In Grézels it’s ok but patchy. In the area generally there are some blind spots and with the limestone hills sometimes it is inconsistent. Until May2019 we had to rely on mobiles here as our landline was ripped out as part of the renovation. The mobile signal was appalling, however, recent updates have improved the service somewhat although there are days when it is still patchy. Texts always get through, calls usually do but may drop out sometimes a blessing! Voice messages to mobiles usually arrive but sometimes they are unintelligible, we suppose due to the weather.

Poached white peaches with vanilla ice cream

We now have our landline back and the internet speed has improved in the two years since we started; so we now have a decent wifi which means we can once again load images and receive files with much more success and speed. So the best thing is text or email but we know the phones are improving and fibre is now at the junction box, we need to be patient but it will be with us soon (Rural French soon = ‘mañana’).

The Good News is that we have a land line now and good wifi speeds, we also have an ethernet network so even faster. It means that is we have to be connected it is much easier and we aren’t wasting so much time just dealing with connectivity. And. remember that fibre will be here soon, then we’ll be cooking on gas!

Why is the Blog so Out of Date?

Internet speed, mobile signal as explained above. After moving out of the house we were tethering the mobile phone to the computer to get the internet. With a flakey signal and poor speed this was really difficult. Liz spent hours, well days really, getting a single post uploaded because the line would drop and then she had to work out what didn’t load and try again. It was a huge part of our time and eventually we cut our losses and stopped. Today it is somewhat better, we have pretty decent Internet speed now they have upgraded the main junction box in the village. So, we will promote the historic blog posts so that the story is complete but bear with us whilst we fit that activity in with all the other things we are doing[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]