Off-Line for a while….

We have mentioned the internet and phone signal here before. Now we have removed the land-line from the house and therefore have no WiFi it is almost impossible to hold an internet connection consistently. This means we can’t post any updates – the pictures fail to load multiple times and the overhead is just too much with everything else we have to do. We will keep the story going off-line and hope to upload everything at some point.

We are disappointed that we have to do this but feel we have no options unless the blog was to turn into just text and that would be very boring.

UPDATE: 01.06.2018

Still in the same position house is progressing probably no phone line till late this year

UPDATE: 01.12.2018

Sorry folks, still the same position, we tried a test from the caravan with the mobile phone tethered to the computer but it is abysmal and completely unusable. The house is looking like a house again and we have floors and rooms! Still a way to go. Perhaps land line in April or May.

Thank you for all the kind messages of support by text and email.