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Liz with one of her magic pumpkins
Liz with one of her magic pumpkins

Liz had planted two small plants given by the husband of a local sculptress ‘Italian courgette, they run’. Not knowing what to expect she was please when these little pleated green fruits arrived. We ate some, they were quite good but not quite like courgette and now were the leaves, but the husband was right about them ‘running’ every day they had to be moved or trimmed. We consulted a Remy, always a good bet, ‘oh’ he said, ‘they’re pumpkins – Muscat de Provence’, very good’. So we left the remaining fruits and waited, the. This week we picked 9 huge terracotta pumpkins and a further 4 smaller ones remain! These have a firm deep orange flesh and an excellent flavour, apparently they also keep well.

We have had a good crop of potatoes. Three rows were a wonderful black potato that may be what in the UK are sometime called ‘truffle potatoes’. These were a gift – back in the spring we returned to the house and found a little basket with small back seed potatoes and a note saying they were very good and we should plant them immediately. The note was signed ‘Juliette’. We tried to find out who Juliette is, and so far we still don’t know. What we do know is that she was right, they are very good. They cropped well, giving medium sized bumpy very dense slightly floury potatoes with a really good flavour; they are fabulous salad potatoes but also good hot.. We’re going to save some to grow again next year.

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